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Oman medical community becomes early blockchain adapter


With the cryptocurrency adoption raging day after day, countries like Dubai, Russia, China and Japan are r exploring ways to exploit cryptocurrency for them in addition to their fiat currency.

Source: Intel

A major medical service centre in Oman (Oman Medical Speciality Board) has entered into an agreement with the government based blockchain service provider, Blockchain Solution and Services (BSS) to start using electronic transfers supported by the blockchain technology.

BSS’s earlier deal in the same month was with a one of the leading banking institutions of Oman. Their efforts are focussed towards facilitating and modernising the functioning of public sector companies. BSS’s CEO, Dr Khalid Tahhan, quoted “We are working with numerous administration elements to set up foundation and give legitimate controls.”

Speaking to the Oman daily newspaper quotes Hilal bin Ali al Sabti, CEO,Oman Medical Speciality Board say, “ The agreement is a part of OMSB board’s plans for digital transformation and the use of blockchain technologies in the services it provides, in order to boost the vision of upgrading healthcare and use the latest technologies in e-transformation.”


Some other efforts in the digital direction include Muscat’s adoption of the country’s major blockchain forum. Further, the country’s national bank, Dahofar got associated in May, 2018 with Ripplenet (Ripple’s global blockchain network).

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