Crypto Miners are here to stay


With the advent of usage of ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) to mine cryptocurrencies, the usage of GPU hardware is tending towards obsolescene. Those using such hardware had been calling to stop the usage of ASIC, as it rendered their own hardware inferior.

According to Coindesk, these crypto miners were threatening to go as far as to create their own versions of the mineable cryptocurrencies, which would be easy as the code of these virtual currencies is available on public platforms.

ASICs allow cryptocurrency miners to efficiently mine their coins and allow them the chance to do so quickly. However, many were worried that ASIC makers would dominate the market, and control most of the cryptocurrency mining. Since these are more expensive as well, not everyone can afford it, and those who do get a disadvantage.

In light of these concerns, many cryptocurrency companies are working to make their mining software anti-ASIC. However, ASIC developers continue to be developing new software which makes anti-ASIC software defunct, causing what one can call a ‘war’ between the two software developers. However, this war is soon coming to an end, with both industries shaking hands and parting as friends.

As reported by Coindesk, it is possible that soon, both ASICs and GPUs will be used to mine cryptocurrencies. A mutual agreement between the two will ensure that neither industry is at a loss, and all crypto miners will be able to once again mine to their heart’s content!

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