Nauticus: How an ICO is helping save the world’s oceans


Amidst an exponential increase in the number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) after the cryptocurrency boom last year, one yet to be launched ICO has its sights set on saving the world’s oceans. Nauticus, the novel ICO venture co-founded by Bryan Ng and Jonathan Chang, has pledged to donate as much as 41 percent of Nauticus coins owned by the team of developers once the ICO launches.

The Nauticus (NTS) coins will be donated to charities ‘The Ocean Clean Up’ and ‘The Salvation Army Sponsor a Child’ program. While the former is focused on cleaning up the world’s oceans by removing the millions of tonnes of plastic waste dumped into oceans, the latter helps disadvantaged children throughout the world.

Nauticus also plans to offer users the option to donate Nauticus coins received as referral bonuses to these two charities. What’s more, it has even promised to match any contribution made by users of the cryptocurrency. Besides the ICO, the developers are working to create a crypto – fiat exchange and more projects such as an environment friendly cryptocurrency mining platform, an ecommerce platform etc. are in the pipeline. Around 95,000 people have already registered (at the time of writing) as claimed on the venture’s website. The project seems to have garnered quite some interest from the crypto-community which might be in part because of the offer of 100 free Nauticus coins on signing up.

To know more about the project, read the whitepaper or sign up, visit Nauticus.

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