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HTC’s Blockchain Powered Smartphone Exodus To Be Launched Soon


HTC’s Blockchain Powered Smartphone Exodus To Be Launched Soon

HTC Corporation, smartphone manufacturer company has released a teaser of its blockchain smartphone, Exodus, on October 13th on Instagram. The company had said about the blockchain smartphone in May 2018 saying that the new phone will be “dedicated to decentralized applications [DApps] and security.” For this reason, in July 2018 the company collaborated with a blockchain based virtual game platform CryptoKitties.

The team has a dedicated Instagram account called htc.exodus and posted two teasers of the smartphone. The teasers don’t exhibit any specifications of the phone but gave a sneak peek into the new phone’s design and shows 10.22 at the end, which could indicate that the official announcement on Exodus would be made on October 22, 2018.

The website dedicated to HTC Exodus read.

“Our vision is to expand the blockchain ecosystem by creating the world’s first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security. With the release of the HTC Exodus we can now make this a reality.”

In May 2018, Phil Chen, the decentralized chief officer at HTC Exodus, on the Medium blog post had said:

“Through the Exodus, we are also excited to be supporting underlying protocols such as Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and more.”

PhoneArena published that the new phone can be priced about $1,000. Its software will be based on Android, with added security protocols and apps which will:

“handle the necessary encryption for safe handling of the precious coins.

The phone enables users to securely send and receive data of all kinds via a new transmission protocol, FXTP, users will be able to share data online securely via the blockchain, while developers also can swiftly and easily distribute decentralized applications.

Chen, in an interview with the Verge in July, had told that Exodus will have global availability once started.

“I want to say it will be available definitely everywhere outside of China. China has different rules, everywhere from regulations to how Android even works in China.”

The HTC Exodus won’t be the first smartphone of this kind in the crypto-market. Sirin Labs, the smartphone manufacturer, has settled a dual-screen design for Blockchain-based Finney smartphone. Sirin had collaborated with handset manufacturer Foxconn. The smartphone is said to be released in November and is priced at $999.

“The vision of Sirin Labs right now is to bridge the gap between the Blockchain economy and the mass market, by basically addressing and resolving these two inherent problems.”

Pundi X, a blockchain firm, showed a test phone call using blockchain and the company’s exclusive XPhone device.  The firm said in its Medium blog post, October 10 2018:

“This morning during day 2 of the XBlockchain Summit at the Inaya Putri Bali, we had a public demonstration and made the world’s first blockchain phone call on our latest device: the XPhone.”

According to the blog post, unlike the traditional phones that needs a centralized mobile carrier, this handset uses the Function X blockchain developed by the company. Function X is also is based on Android OS 9.0.

The blog post further said:

“The XPhone OS is currently available to phone manufacturers for testing. The detailed information of Function X will be available on on October 15th. The Function X blockchain, FXTP, IPFS, and XPhone will be officially launched in Q2 2019.”

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