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Cryptoback is the new cash back reward


Cryptoback is the new cash back reward

Tired of paying the exorbitant exchange fees and purchasing cryptocurrency at inconvenient prices? There’s good news. Thomas Harrison, a 25 year old entrepreneur has decided to build a unique type of credit card – with a line of credit which will offer its users a 1% reward “cryptoback” in cryptocurrency for every purchase.

Currently, this San-Francisco based startup is being completely run by Thomas Harrison alone.



  1. No fee will be levied on cryptocurrency rewards. By using the blockize credit card, no exchange fee will be charged and users will get to keep 100% rewards.
  2. With every purchase the card holder gets a 1% cryptoback reward. The best part is that users can choose which cryptocurrency they want and they will get it on every purchase.
  3. The purchased cryptocurrency is stored securely. They hold a lot of offline assets and use high security measures for the cryptocurrency.
  1. A blockrize calculator will facilitate the users to enter monthly spendings and calculate what rewards they would have earned in 2017. Harrison says, “Earning 1 percent crypto back in Bitcoin and Ethereum during 2017 would have been the equivalent of receiving 6.7 percent and 16.6 percent ‘cash back’ on every purchase — Receiving cryptocurrency rewards gives you the opportunity to earn much more than traditional credit cards.”

The website explains that reward cards having an expenditure of $1250 per month can earn $150-$300 cash back. If a user had spent the same amount with the blockrize credit card, they would earned rewards worth $998 in bitcoin and $2487 in ETH.

The concept of cryptoback is new, fresh and lucrative. We are yet to see if it really takes off in the market!

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