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Piggy banks go digital with kid- friendly cryptocurrency


Crypto currencies have become a trending topic. With their advent, there have naturally been debates on whether it is necessary for kids to know how it works, and for it to be a scholastic subject.

But parents themselves sometimes find it hard to understand how cryptocurrencies like bitcoins work, so it becomes arduous for them to translate the same to their children.

Pigzbe project has enabled children in replacing the physical coins stored in conventional piggy banks.

The Pigzbe project enables parents to set their children in a cryptocurrency environment, helping them learn how this system functions in a fun-filled way. This will help them grasp useful concepts regarding the tech that’s likely to dominate our economy.

Pigzbe is a piggy-bank cryptocurrency wallet. It integrates a physical wallet device and a smartphone app, converting the cryptocurrency network into a creative game in the household.

If parents were to try to reward their children with a couple of cents, using cryptocurrencies like bitcoins and ether where a high transaction fee is involved would only be foolish. Pigzbe utilizes a cryptocurrency called Wollo(WLO) that can be used without a sweat. This is the built-in currency powered by Pigzbe.

The conventional way of saving money in physical piggy banks has become quite a task these days. The aim of Wollo is to replace this method. It empowers the children with the habits of saving, learning and playing in the Pigzbe network.

Pigzbe has been designed as a wallet app and an educational game. The kids can also have a look at their cryptocurrency savings in Wollo or dollars through this wallet app. This game educates the kids about the significance of money in a digitalized and creative way.

Pigzbe focuses on recreating the ordeal of piggy bank for the smart, digital world.

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