Crypto ways to own content

The internet engages over 3 billion people worldwide. Every citizen of the internet occupies space on this “network of the networks.” Surely enough, it comes with its share of cons in terms of protecting the ownership of quality content. We have just witnessed how internet giants like Facebook, Yahoo, Uber etc have traded our data with third parties thus risking our privacy and security.

The digital content industry that covers all the audio, video and textual content that is uploaded and downloaded daily, has always faced enormous challenges due to its centralised nature. IP piracy, unfair monetization, non-transparent access grants etc are the core issues. Only a very small percentage of content creators are able to rightly earn from the use of their IP. This situation calls for a more efficient, fair and transparent technology which can maintain content without compromising copyrights.

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Decentralized Accessible Content Chain

Decentralized Accessible Content Chain or DACC is the trailblazing tech that supporters of blockchain have been waiting for. DACC is the world’s first blockchain based platform dedicated to solving content regulation problems in a way that doesn’t violate ownership. The DACC team comprises of Vincent Nguyen (Team Leader), Harold Li (Technical Leader), Jun Zhang (AI Tech Lead) and other members, all extremely competent in their fields.


The DACC platform is made up of a file system with built-in IAM, DACC public chain and DACC development tools. Identity Access Management or IAM is used to solve content control issues. It ensures user authentication and authorization. Users have complete control over the access of permissions to their personal data while DACC’s tamper proof blockchain treats each data access as a transaction that is stored and can be traced and verified. They also offer an array of developer tools that can be used to easily create content based Decentralised applications (DAPP).

Initial issue of 30 billion DACC tokens (ERC20 Ethereum Token) will be generated which will be used in transactions and reward systems. The token is priced at 1ETH for 200,000 DACC tokens.

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