The Best Crypto Memes That You Missed!


Today, with social media being a part of our daily lives, an increasing number of visuals continue to jump into the community. Memes lie at the apex of social media. They’re vibrant methods to explain concepts whilst showing the audience some humor.

And since cryptocurrencies are creating tides, they too have fallen into the memes societies. Here are a few such humorous memes off the cryptocurrency community.

About a year ago, Bitcoin ended up splurging its price graphs every day! And it was one of the biggest reasons that cryptocurrencies took a leap amongst the public. Guess that had to be humored.

And again, those who had invested in bitcoins in 2017 were considered to be extra lucky, especially since their bank digits underwent only an upward linear graph.

Turns out cryptocurrencies aren’t as easy to work with as they look. While books and internet can guide you through its concepts, it is much more complicated than that, unfortunately. But fortunately, this gives the meme makers more ideas for the audience to laugh at.

Amusingly, the same idea of having invested in bitcoins turns out to be washout too, especially since you cannot really go around paying your everyday bills with it.

It is only everyone’s biggest regret today that they hadn’t invested in cryptocurrency or bitcoins much earlier. Because if they had, they’d be busy counting their money instead of thinking about their regrets!

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It turns out that not everyone is as enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies. Since it has been the only subject of news everywhere, it is time that it’d be put in the grave. Funnily, it does not seem like that is going to happen anytime soon!

So, if there is one upside to all the controversies, fighting and the intense talks of the cryptocurrencies, it is these memes that have been spawned so that we all can use a good laugh.

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