The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels


Pulling your hair out scrolling through pages and pages of never ending text and charts trying to understand cryptocurrencies? Relax. We know that feel. Lie back, unwind and let these fabulous youtube whizzes guide you through the crypto universe.

Ameer Rosic

  • This is a channel you can’t beat if you are new to cryptocurrencies.
  • Savvy investor Ameer Rosic breaks down the basic concepts in a way anyone can understand (that includes you too).
  • Be it understanding what Bitcoin is, what the other famous altcoins like Bitcoin cash and Ethereum are, forks, what you can do to keep your coins safe, you can learn it all from this channel.
  • Ameer also does live Q&A sessions you can participate in and clear your crypto doubts.


  • The most subscribed crypto youtube channel with over 282,000 subscribers, DataDash provides great insights for advanced crypto traders.
  • New videos come out almost every day and include in depth trading analysis for a number of coins using charts, interviews with prominent figures, top 3 altcoins to watch out for every month and the occasional crypto skeptic roast.
  • The channel also has a video series on reading trading charts, so, check it out!
  • Take it from us, you don’t want to miss out on this channel if you’re a crypto trader.
  • Go to DataDash for your fill of the best crypto trading advice.

Crypto Daily

  • If you like your crypto advice laced with humour, look no further than Crypto Daily.
  • The channel marries cryptocurrency with comedy while offering decent advice on altcoins, Bitcoin and crypto news.
  • Also, crypto daily has a strict policy of no donations. So, don’t worry, no sponsored content.

Crypto Tips

  • Think crypto is a guy’s world? Check out this channel where Heidi travels the world and speaks crypto from different scenic locations.
  • This channel focuses on altcoins, crypto-wallets and how you can store cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges. Lots of useful crypto advice is out there too.
  • Visit Heidi’s channel to get crypto advice and travel the world virtually!


  • This channel has a helpful introductory video series on a number of altcoins.
  • Host Michael reviews altcoins and discusses developments in the crypto world. There are also interviews to watch.

That’s it for the top 5 crypto channels on youtube. Add them to your watch list and get your daily dose of crypto buzz!

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