Crowdholding ICO launches YUP token based on Ethereum


Crownholding’s platform was recently updated and now YUP token would be accepted for investing and purchasing products and services. These tokens are built on the Ethereum platform and are used to access the Crowdholding ecosystem. In simpler words, Crowdholding has now connected to Blockchain to release automatic Cryptocurrency transfer with the help of YUP.

Ethan Clime, CEO of Crowdholding commented;

“We are on the verge of connecting users and businesses through smart contracts in a trusted and transparent environment, allowing tokens to seamlessly move from our clients to users through the Ethereum Blockchain network.”

Earning YUP without investing is not exactly Rocket Science. You have to simply choose a task in which you’d like to participate and offer a well-researched solution for the same. The other users will provide upvotes to your solution if it’s found worth it. The more upvotes you get-the more tokens you receive. Users can instantly withdraw these tokens earned as a reward for co-creating with business and invest them along with other ERC20 tokens to manage ideas and bounty campaigns as well as co-create with the community. As the interests of everyone are aligned, the larger the ecosystem, the more liquid and valuable YUP becomes.

Given the decentralized nature of Blockchain projects, Crowdholding provides great value for both pre- and post-token sales projects. This helps in gaining traction and raise awareness. That is why Crowdholding has grown exponentially since raising $2 million from their token sale in January 2018 and now has 17,000 signed-up users.

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