Pay on Reddit with Litecoin, Ethereum & Bitcoin (Again)


A month-and-a-half after minimizing its support for bitcoin, Reddit is on tenterhooks to twice over on cryptocurrencies.

Chris Slowe, Chief Technology Officer, Reddit- one of the largest on the go hubs of bitcoin enthusiasts, told Cheddar that it was Coinbase’s relocation to a new-fangled policy that led to the bitcoin veto in late March; but recent site changes at Reddit would allow it to acknowledge crypto payments for a second time.

We just basically didn’t have time to upgrade our current API integration,” he said on Cheddar. “Once the redesign finishes landing and we’re actually able to address it again, I think we’ll actually see crypto payments come back.”

Slowe didn’t give a detailed schedule for cryptocurrency’s “homecoming” on Reddit. However, he added, when the site becomes crypto-gracious once again, it’s looking to expand further than Bbitcoin, with Litecoin and ethereum being folded in as well.

Coinbase’s resettlement of precedent merchants to its brand new platform will carry on through May 31. Presumptuously, Reddit continues to work with Coinbase (which Slowe gave no indication it didn’t want to), it’s seems likely that it will give more transparency on timing by the end of this month.

Reddit is one of the initial gathering spots for bitcoin enthusiasts, dating back to when bitcoin was traded for just a few cents. Users would often use bitcoin as imbursement for the site’s Reddit gold premium membership program, which lets users disable ads, customize their avatar and access a private subReddit for about $30 per year. The site began tolerant towards bitcoin as a payment for the benefit since 2013.

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