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Bengaluru couple seeks Bitcoin as wedding gift


It may seem unbelievable to many, but you might not fall short of calling it unique while reading that a couple sought Bitcoins as their wedding gifts in India. Yes, it is true.

An entrepreneur couple, Neeti Shree and Prashant Sharma that live in Bengaluru believe that gifting in wedding events hasn’t ever been disrupted through the years in society. But looking for a novel idea to make their event extraordinary they asked their relatives, if they want to convey their blessings through gifts, then they should catch the latest technological wave, which is Bitcoins.

The couple, or the cofounders of at Offrd—a startup that works for the development of non-tech hiring, surely looked for an innovative wedding. They didn’t just set a standard of wedding gifts, but their invitations were also a class apart. Their invitations had a guide for using cryptocurrency for those who are new to it. The cards contained an introduction about the couple from the time they first met. It had a QR code which was linked to Zebpay (an Indian Bitcoin exchange) which could be used to send Neeti and Prashant Bitcoins. They themselves have sought for the benefits through Bitcoin investments and wanted to convey their positive thoughts about the cryptocurrency also helping people overcome their fears about it.

The couple believes that the traditional way of exchanging gifts is very general. They say that having been a part of a few friends’ weddings in the past years, it looked quite a monotonous trend of putting money into gifts which might not even be utterly useful. Moreover, for giving someone a ceremony to remember for a long time, you have to be innovative and find new ideas to make it unique. With their own interest in Bitcoin and spreading the same among their relatives, replacing gifts with it appeared to be the perfect idea.

Consequently, 95% of the guests chose to gift them Bitcoins. But, it wasn’t just the gifts that had a ‘crypto’ feel to them. The theme of the party was also set ablaze by posters or pictures saying “a gift that grows” or “ I am Satoshi Nakamoto”. Satoshi Nakamoto is the anonymous inventor of Bitcoin. Even the bar served drinks named after different cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, etc.

Over the speculations regarding the Government acting on the sudden rise in the use of cryptocurrency in India, the couple asserted that they do not believe the Government will ban Bitcoin overnight. They also believe that the government might bring in policies, but for now it is better to stay with the flow rather than regretting it later.

All the fuss and excitement following this wedding among everyone interested in cryptocurrency and around the country certainly depicts the zest in the technologically connected generation of this country. It might be someday that Bitcoin could fail, but with the current state of affairs, the couple had no reservations about it and tied the knot quite ‘crypto’-happily.

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