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What are the Most secure Ripple wallets?


Cryptocurrencies gained popularity primarily due to their poster child – Bitcoin. In recent years, a surge in prices attracted more and more investors each day. Amongst the next most talked about cryptocurrencies is Ripple – due to its far lower prices and institutional backing. Investors like Google too have opted for Ripple. For a user though, the question is – which are the most secure Ripple wallets for investors like you and me.

Ledger Nano S

Looking like a USB flash drive, you can easily carry a Nano S around in your pocket. It is one of the most secure wallets available in the market today. There’s password protection and in case of loss, an option of recovery through backups too. Any number of XRP tokens can be stored. Along with Ripple, it supports many more cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. While the cost is bit on the higher side, according to the protection provided and also being in hardware form, every penny is compensated.

Toast Wallet

Toast wallet is one of the easiest and most convenient storage options for everyone. It is an open source wallet and is available for almost all platforms – Windows, Android, iOs, Mac and Linux. There is no fees apart from a 20 XRP reserve which I’m sure is not much.

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Although not being hosted by Ripple itself, Exarpy offers direct interaction with Ripple network to its users. It is quite easy to use, along with being quite fast and secure. It is not free like toast and charges 0.025 XRP per transaction which is definitely not huge. Another attractive feature is that it does not store any user information but works through a PIN which is generated each time a user wishes to log in.


Being mentioned in Ripple’s website itself, GateHub is one of the most preferred options. It works like an exchange, where user first needs to buy Bitcoins and then convert them into XRP. GateHub is a user friendly platform and you can easily transact in XRP at anytime. Other cryptocurrencies are also offered. Even online stores have started accepting payments made through GateHub.


Just like GateHub, CoinPayments is not just a wallet, but an exchange too. Working like normal banks, CoinPayments charges a fee of just 0.5% per transaction and offer storage for around 300 different crypto coins. A company based in Canada, online payments made through CoinPayments are accepted in about 2.5 million stores worldwide.

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