What’s the Coingeek conference all about?

single-image, a crypto platform and a popular resource for cryptocurrency and bitcoin news, tools, and video tutorials (much like is a bridge between BCH and bCommerce. It helps early merchants, investors, and miners a competitive advantage over a competition. The platform is trying to create history through its inaugural Conference on 18th May, 2018 at Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong.

Investors, visionaries, and merchants from around the world will alight at this conference to flood their thoughts and insights about Bitcoin Cash that will optimize the forthcoming generation of e-commerce websites.

Bitcoin Cash claims to offer an advantage to cryptocurrency users, with a wide user base, faster settlements, and cheaper transactions.


The conference will witness some of the world’s best Bitcoin leaders, like:

  • Jihan Wu, Chief Executive Officer, Bitmain. Jihan Wu is an entrepreneur, Bitcoin evangelist, and financial analyst.
  • Roger Ver, Chief Executive Officer, He is best known for his work promoting Bitcoin.
  • Dr. Craig Wright, Chief Scientist of Nchain. Dr. Craig has been the earliest minds behind Bitcoin as he has been involved with Bitcoin from 2009.
  • Angela Holowaychuk, Chief Operating Officer,Ncrypt. Ncrypt is a cryptocurrency exchange which permits Canadian users to sell, buy, and store Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Alongside these great minds, many other great speakers are going to be a part of Conference.


It will be a day long event in Hong Kong. The event entails the following programmes:

1.  A bComm World

How Bitcoin Cash will sculpt future of bCommerce

2. Blaze the future of Crypto Economy and Bitcoin Cash

3. Bitcoin Cash

Unveil vision of a global payment system

    • Acquainting about better wallets and payment solutions.
    • Identify and explore the requirements of consumers and merchants for a Bitcoin Cash World.

4. Use Cases

Exhibiting new products, challenges, and opportunities for using Bitcoin.

5. Bitcoin’s Atomic Age

Revolutionize methods of trading with the help of Bitcoin technology.

The Conference is all about making cryptocurrency users aware of how to use Cryptocurrency more effectively in today’s world. The speakers will also review how Blockchain is turning out to be an emerging technology and focus on how Blockchain can be used with cryptocurrency or in payments.

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