0x Protocol and the Decentralized Exchange Frontier

“Decentralized exchanges have been a holy grail in the cryptocurrency space, since at least the MtGox hack. They promise to derisk the act of exchanging cryptocurrency by leaving custody of funds in the hands of the users. And they should be resistant to regulatory pressure, creating a permissionless way to trade cryptocurrencies.

Among decentralized exchange projects, 0x has gained by far the most traction in the short time since launching. Co-founders Will and Amir joined us to discuss the 0x protocol, the emerging 0x economy and the vibrant community they’ve built.

Topics we discussed in this episode
How Will and Amir started 0x
The definition of a decentralized exchange and why decentralized custody is key
The 0x architecture
Why 0x built a protocol and not just a decentralized exchange
The role and business model of relayers
The 0x token and its economy
The 0x governance process”

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