Trends in Cryptocurrencies

The internet, believe it or not, was just the beginning. Yes, it spawned an incredible number of uses (some unexpected), from marketplaces and commerce to publishing and social networks… but that’s all been built with old models of funding and coordination. Now, as we enter a new phase of blockchain-enabled innovation — decentralized, distributed, crowdfunded — we’re finally bringing capitalism to open source: Smart people can come together in new ways, to build new things.

In this brief discussion from a16z Summit November 2017, founder and CEO at Protocol Labs Juan Benet and founder and CEO of Polychain Capital Olaf-Carlson Wee — both of whom have appeared on the a16z Podcast for more in-depth conversations — chat with general partner Chris Dixon to summarize the big picture on crypto, going beyond the buzz around ICOs to the golden age of protocols.

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